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“In my previous two job hunts, I didn`t really know what I was looking for, and just accepted the first decent offer I got. This was the first time that I applied to multiple companies with a clear objective in mind while thoroughly comparing the work content and employment conditions, so Mitchill`s professional guidance, insightful comments, and thought-provoking questions were an enormous benefit to me. I am convinced that my new position will be an ideal fit for my academic background and long-term career goals. I feel like I finally have my career on the right track.

Data Science Professional, Global Healthcare Consulting


“I really appreciate everything Matsukawa san has done for me, including things like salary negotiation with the company that I was applying for. I am satisfied with the conditions. When I had to choose one company from multiple offers from different companies, he provided me with many effective information which I was really thankful for. I would love to keep in touch with him. “

Customer Success Manager,  Global SAAS Company


“Mitchill has guided me throughout the process for a position in the Pharma/Healthcare industry. His attention in details and timely updates was always incredibly helpful and professional especially for me to make a transition to a different industry. I would ask his support again if I look for a new career opportunity in the future and recommend him if I have someone in need.”

Public Relations Manager,  Global Tier 1 Medical Device Manufacturer


“I was contacted by MLC group while I was looking to level up my career in the difficult time of the Corona pandemic. The job market was mostly closed, companies were on hiring freeze.

The position proposed by MLC was with a global company, manager level, in a field full of innovation.

From the time I applied for it, I felt the MLC Group`s professionalism. During the whole hiring process, they constantly supported me, from the necessary updates of my resume, until tailored communication strategies for the five interviews I had with the different directors of the company.  Every time, I could hang up the phone with MLC Group feeling confident for the ongoing interview.

As a result, the company sent me an offer letter that I signed back.

MLC Group is a professional and serious recruiting company that I highly recommend if you are looking for a position that fits your profile.”

Operations Manager,  European Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier


“Thanks very much to Travis-san, 

I’ve been able to gain a “manager” position at one of Top level global Tier 1 supplier in automotive industry. His support for my job changing was very careful but speedy, very supportive and even really encouraged me for new opportunities. ( Actually, I was able to pass all job interviews I applied for thanks to his advances and support.)

This time I’ve really learned that timing, speed and support for changing job were very important. I’d appreciate it if he/MLC could support me sometime in the future.”

Product Design Engineer,  European Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier


I had a great experience with MLC at the time I was searching for new opportunities.

They helped me set my interviews in my most convenient time. Helped me prepare for actual interviews which is one of  the keys for me making to my current company.

I had 5 other agencies at the time but they did not believe that my expected salary match my experience and is not achievable.

But in MLC, not only did they find me the company that is suited for my experience but matched me with the company that provided more than my expected salary.

I’d give them a 10/10 rating for their service.

Once again, thank you very much for all your support. I am truly grateful with you.”

Test Engineer,  US Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier




“I have known Mitchill for more than ten years as a client and candidate.

Recently I reached out to Mitchill to help me with some very hard to close roles. I had urgent timeline for this year headcount allocation. 

Within less than one month we had secured two finalist candidates through Mitchill and his team, and closed the position with one of the finalist candidates.

The speed of his process and accuracy of his team helped to close one role, and gave us a second candidate for another internal position.”

Commercial Director, Global Life Science Company



“We have engaged the services of the MLC Group for over 6 years. During this time, MLC Group has successfully filled several critical roles, including;

Engineering Manager
Project Manager
Global Customer Group Manager
Quality Director


“David Marriott and the team at MLC Group always has an excellent understanding of our expectations, needs and our vision regarding future career development. This helps our company to ensure that we can hire candidates who fit perfectly to us.”

Head of Asia Pacific Region,  Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier


“I have worked with the Automotive team at MLC Group for several years now. During this time, we had opportunity to meet and speak frequently in order to share needs and candidates on transparent basis.

We have partnered closely together and built up good trust. This has helped a lot when negotiating compensation for offer letters because I know, what the candidate is expecting. It helps to close negotiations in a timely manner.

We had successful placements of Engineers, Program Managers, Sales & Supply Chain specialists and I look forward to keep working with MLC Automotive team.”

HR Manager, Japan,  Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

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